The Eye Test

The monthly science magazine did an article on the human eye which included an eye chart. A few students cut out the chart, carefully measured the distance between the wall where they hung it and the spot they marked off for a fellow students to stand and take the eye exam.  After several children had taken the exam, Corbin invited me to have my eyes tested.  I aced the letter part of the exam.  Next were the numbers.  I misread the symbol for number nine.  After I left the scene, Corbin went over to his pals.  “Hey, you guys,” he said, Lael only missed one.  That’s really good.”  They looked at him somewhat perplexed.  “We didn’t miss any,” a child responded.  “Yay, I know but Lael is old.  Forty is old, and you know, the eyes are the first to go!”  I think that we should be proud that our teacher can see so well.”