The Best of Intentions Don’t Rule out Surprise Endings

One morning as the children entered the classroom, some rather hairy legs were noticed gliding across the floor.  This multi-legged creature seemed oblivious to the commotion it had created.  “A tarantula!” someone shrieked.  “Oh the poor fella is out of his natural habitat,” said a more compassionate soul.  “Let’s help to get him outside.”

They got a couple of dustpans to create barriers so that the tarantula’s only movement was in the direction of the outside door.  They gently coaxed him, assuring him that his needs would be best met out of doors, perhaps on the playground.

On hands and knees, they patiently  escorted him to the door.  Quite a crowd had gathered by now.  As the door swung open and the voices of children were heard on the playground, they were joined by Rainbow, our resident peacock.

As the tarantula stepped over the threshold and onto the cement, curious Rainbow stepped forward.  And with one fell swoop, he gulped down that tarantula!

“I led him straight to his death!” bemoaned his temporary care giver.