Parents Beware

There was a first grader whose mother had spoken to me on several occasions about her concerns for her child going off to camp without her mother or father.  During the first couple of days, I watched her at every opportunity to see how she was doing.  She appeared to be having a wonderful time.

On the third day, I hiked alongside her.  I asked what she thought of the trip.  She rambled on about all the things she’d seen and done.  She’d obviously rate this as a ‘10’ on the trip scale.

I said to her, “I’m so glad you came, Sarah.  Your mom said she thought you’d get homesick and need to leave, but here you are, having a great time.”

“Oh,” she smiled sheepishly, “I just let her think those things.  She always reacts when I say things like that.  It’s kind of fun to watch her.”