Kalista and the slug

Kalista visited the class in anticipation of her first grade year.

Upon return from recess, another child came to me and reported that Kalista’s pocket contained a slug.  I looked at her tiny short-short denims and asked her, “A real one?”

“Yes,” she answered.

“Can I see it?”  She opened the tiny pocket and I could only see darkness.  I proceeded with my questioning.

“Do you have slug food in there for your slug?”


“Do you have water in there for your slug?”


“Do you have earth in there for your slug?”


“Do you think your slug is happy?”

“No.  Maybe I should put it back under the tree,” she replied.

Still not convinced, I asked to see said slug. She reached her little hand into the tiny pocket and retrieved a baby slug.

I can truly say that no two days in my job are alike.