Close Your Eyes and Hope for Magic

Some of the best pointers I ever got in life came from children.  You can learn a tremendous amount from them.  They can remind you of the coping skills you might have used decades ago but may have deleted from your memory in adulthood in order to create space for the grocery list or your family’s birthday dates.

This was pointed out to me when I was helping a group of 8 year olds with their written work assignment.  The assignment was to write a story with both rough and final drafts between Monday and Friday.  Several children didn’t meet the deadline.  A discussion followed.  How could they be successful with next week’s deadline?  What could they do differently?  Individuals made suggestions such as come up with the story idea over the weekend, start the assignment on Monday and begin the final draft on Thursday.

Next I asked how it felt as the deadline neared and they knew that weren’t going to make it.  “I felt sick to my stomach.”  “My body felt jittery.”  “I really wished that I had started earlier.”  I turned to one student who hadn’t said anything.  “Blake, what do you do when you find yourself in this situation?”  ‘Oh,” she responded slowly and calmly.  “I just close my eyes and hope for magic.”