Audio Version of Mental Chatter

Our annual week long camping and hiking trip was always met with a lot of anticipation and excitement.  For some it was a first time away from home.  For others it was a first time away from screens.

On our first hike, everyone was observant of the life in the desert habitat.  They tingled with delight as a lizard scampered across the hot rocks.  They discovered a den of pack rats.  They found tracks and scat.  They were caught up in the thrill of adventure.

That is, all except one little girl.

I began to tune into the voice belonging to the child bringing up the rear.  She was talking softly to herself.  Michelle’s monotone conversation went like this:

“This is a wonderful educational opportunity.  We’re lucky that our parents support our growth and allow us to come on this trip.  Here we are in the desert.  We can learn a lot about animal life in the desert.  We can teach our families about animal life in the desert.  We are lucky to be here.  We are lucky that our teachers are willing to bring us here.  And if we’re really lucky, we’ll get to stop and eat our trail mix soon.”