Welcome to Southside

The Montessori experience is designed to recognize the natural curiosity and enthusiasm of elementary age children and to stimulate their developing intellect through the use of the imagination. This is at the heart of everything we do at Southside Montessori Elementary School.

Our curriculum, materials, environment and community are all carefully designed to nurture the developing child.

Learn more about how we do Montessori by reading about Our Program. Then take a tour of the Classroom!

"We were lucky to have found Southside when we moved to Spokane. Our daughter has grown and developed into a confident child because of Southside. Lael is amazing!"

Sandra and Mike W.

"Thank you for running a Montessori school that makes learning fun, meaningful, individualized, and academically challenging. My kids always love their assignments, class projects and learning from others."

Debbie M.

"You were the one who really got me interested in math and it is still one of my favorite subjects. I have many good memories from my time at Southside. You have a way of making learning fun and exciting. I hope I can do the same thing when I become a teacher."

Anna K. (former student)

"I just wanted to thank you for your amazing teaching at Southside Montessori back in first and second grade, and for all the memories. I still feel impacted by the wonderful times at Southside. I hope your new students have continued to have the great activities and experiences I remember fondly."

Said N. (former student)

the Montessori Classroom
the Montessori Classroom